Workblank activities Welding activities
  • Trim of sheet material – thickness within 3mm
  • Gas cutting – manually
  • Cutting machines for feed bar – within 250mm
  • Electric arc welding
  • Shielded arc welding CO2
  • Point weldingz
Rotary lathe processing Miller-borer processing of prismatic details
  • Turning-and-boring mill
  • Combination lathe – from small dimensions and precise processing to maximum diameter 800 mm and 2000mm of length
  • Lathe machines with digital control – up to maximum diameter of 580mm
  • Universal milling machines for details with
    small dimensions up to 320x800mm
  • Miller-borer machine center with digital control intended for details with dimensions up to 320mm
  • Miller-borer machine for details with
    dimensions up to 1000mm
Drilling machines Vertical jig mill 1000x700mm
with rotary tilting stand
  • Vertical drilling machines - bench type and pillar type
  • Beam drilling machine
Grinding machines Gear cutting machines
  • Flat-surface grinding machines
  • Circular-grinding machines
  • Centerless circular-grinding machine
  • Internal grinder
  • Universal sharpening machine
  • Bobbing machines for straight and curved
    teeth with maximum diameter of processing up to 800mm and maximum module 12
  • Gear-shaping machines for details with
    maximum diameter of 800mm and module 12
  • Bobbing machine for cone gears with spiral curved teeth for details with maximum diameter of 800mm and maximum module 12
The company is equipped with a device for whirl threading of shafts and of bolt type details, using whirling unit of Burgsmuller company.
For sling manufacturing, the company has the required specific equipment: high - tonnage hydraulic press as well as full range of machines for pressing for connecting aluminum ferrules.
Thermal treatment – the company uses furnaces for volumetric heat-treating, quenching, normalization and tempering.
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